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Speaking truth to power!!!! May 10,  2017, ALBANY!

Photo: Wayne Oates and BaBa Eng


BaBa and Karima @ Blue Mountain, NY for social justice networking retreat. (June, 2017)

BaBa prepares to speak to a small group at the Erie County Holding Center  (08/19/17) @ a Solidarity Rally in conjunction with "Millions for Prisoners" March and Rally in Washington, D.C.

Karima and BaBa....Kwanzaa 2017 @ East High School

08-19-17 BaBa speaks at the Erie County Holding Center



PRP2, John Brown Lives, URO (Unlimited Reentry Opportunities), AFJ (Alliance of Families for Justice), and more...all meeting to share ideas about dismantling Mass Incarceration @ a Networking Retreat, June 8 - 11, 2017, Blue Mountain Retreat Center, Blue Mountain, NY.

BaBa @ 2016 "Puttin' the Neighbor Back in the 'Hood" event, sponsored by Masjid Nu'Man, Buffalo, NY.

BaBa and Karima march @ Buffalo, NY solidarity rally, 2013.......remembering Trayvon Martin (2012) and other youth lost to gun violence.

      PRP2's Monthly Meetings

When PRP2 has its once monthly meetings, the community is invited to come out and experience a gathering that is warm, welcoming, and educational. The meeting topics, guest speakers, and documentary films vary from month-to-month but attendees can be certain that they will learn something new and that they will be invited to join us in our efforts to challenge those forces that are abusive to prisoners and their families and that serve to undermine the sincere reintegration efforts of formerly incarcerated people.  Join us. Stand with us. Share your ideas.

                                                Family Empowerment Day November 2007

Prisoners Are People Too Welcomes Sahil Jain to Buffalo with a Luncheon at the Golden CupSahil Jain is the 18 year old  Cornell University sophomore who has served as the summer intern for Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. Described as conscientious, diligent, and personable, his tenure  will end on July 29. Some of Sahil's time was spent developing websites for Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. and the Erie County Prisoners Rights Coalition. He will be greatly missed. 

From left to right: Chuck Culhane, Jackie Bontzolakes, Karima Amin, Sahil Jain, Lesley Haynes, Rev. Eugene Pierce, Valerie Niederhoffer, Iyetta Neal.

  Program Director, BaBa Eng, shown here with visual artist, Stacey Robinson, at Buffalo Arts Studio

where Mr. Robinson shared several paintings from his thesis exhibit. (Tri-Main Building, Suite #500, Buffalo Arts Studio, March 27, 2015.


A few good men...participating in "State of the Black Family," June 6, 2015 @ Erie County Medcal Center.

Front: Kamau Fields, BaBa Eng, Mark Fuller, Nate Hare.

Rear: Bill Peoples, Sam Radford, Cary Dixon.

June 15, 2015 @ Statler City, Buffalo, NY....BaBa is honored to receive the Robert Spicer award for his work as this city's RESTORATIVE JUSTICE DEVELOPER.                                                             

Michael Okinczyc, Shakeeta Redden, BaBa Eng, Jerome Wright